Maximizing Your Earnings: The Best Ways to Make Money on Social Media – Prince Akpah

Currently, it has become so easy and convenient to run a business from anywhere and social media has become the prime avenue to make money both for good and bad.

But as JUMP, our aim is to prep you on how to make more money in your entrepreneurial life, so we consulted the CEO of EoD Partners, Christian Kelly Lartey Mensah to take us through how to make money from being a social media guru. With a successful business run around social media, he has also engaged lots of brands on creating successful online campaigns.

Making money on social media is about how creative you are and how your clients want their business to be advertised. As there are a lot of ways, the five points he shares below have fetched him more money than he has ever thought.

  • Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is simply a method where a blogger contracts someone to write for his/her blog. In guest blogging, the writer is to share thoughts on a specific topic to drive traffic. As a guest blogger, you are to use the opportunity to create authority and become a well-known personality in your industry. Making money from this will be based on how regularly you write and how popular your articles become. If your blog doesn’t pay you directly, you can in other ways earn speaking and consulting gigs from your popularity. You can also by permission include adverts or feature personalities who need PR to promote their works through your platform.

  • Trend Armies

In Ghana, companies like mine have been contracted to create social media trends for brands on a regular basis and we get paid just for that. It is becoming passionate about various brands to stay relevant not just on the billboards or mainstream media, but on social media. A trend army basically represents a team of regular social media users who are contracted to continually post specific brands during online campaign activities. Some of their activities end up in Twitter and Facebook trends. As a member of trend, you are paid per campaign or given regular data bundles to participate in activities and also for your own use. You can also use this to build a personal brand for yourself or start a trend army to become a CEO too.

  • Social Media Influencer

Across the globe, celebrities with huge followings on social media have made significant money in promoting products and brands through their platforms. In Ghana, it has also become a relevant trade where personalities, not necessarily celebrities, are paid during online campaigns of various products to either run Social Media trends or post a video endorsing their product. Celebrities like the Kardashian family, are reported to charge between $230,000 to $500,000 to promote a product on their individual platforms. To build such a brand, you must consistently be relevant by promoting positive content in other to build a very influential following even if just in your local community. 

  • YouTube videos

Videos have become a regular norm for social media users as they earn millions of views in minutes, when captivating and have the content people are looking for. These views can also be converted into millions when the right platforms are utilized.  Currently, YouTube is the premium platform for anyone who wants to use make money from documentaries, motivational videos, adventure videos etc. All you need is a Gmail account and an approved AdSense account which is a product of google that allows publishers to make money from their websites and videos. Regular videos on YouTube can also earn you more subscribers in building your following.

  • Paid Ads on websites

Becoming the most common way to make money on social media, you can employ various advert platforms including AdSense, to make money from either your blog or business website. With the right content to keep people revisiting, you can earn thousands of dollars when you are respectful of the various policies of the various ad agencies.



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