How to make money on Social Media – Kelly Mensa

In 2014, when Avance Media started ranking brands and personalities in Ghana, all we wanted was to create a standard for social media users and managers to improve upon their skills and engagement.

But in a world where it has become so easy and convenient to run a business from anywhere, social media has become that premium avenue where Ghanaians make money both for the good and bad.

But as JUMP, our aim is to prep you on how to make more money in your entrepreneurial life, so we consulted the CEO of EoD Partners, Christian Kelly Lartey Mensah to take us through how to make money from being a social media person. With a successful business run around social media, he has also engaged lots of brands in creating successful online campaigns.

PRINCE: What are the Most Appropriate ways to make money on Social Media

KELLY: Making money on social media, is about how creative you are and how your clients want their business to be advertised. As there are lot of ways, the five points I have stated below have fetched me more money than I ever thought.

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Trend armies
  3. Social media influencer 
  4. YouTube videos
  5. Paid ads on websites 

PRINCE: What etiquette must guide Social Media managers? 

KELLY: Making money on social media comes with a lot of etiquette and they must be followed adherently. Because it can create either a good or bad name for your brand.

  1. Keep private stuff private
  2. Avoid sexually explicit or violent content 
  3. Use company pages for official purposes ONLY
  4. Verify contents
  5. Stay trendy at all times. Interactivity is a MUST

PRINCE: What top 5 experiences will you share in making money from Social Media?

KELLY: I have loads of experience working on positioning top brands on social media for money, but the best of them which I would like to share with you are;

  1. Create an online brand
  2. Stay active online 
  3. Sell yourself as a commercial brand online
  4. Use websites/blogs to archive your materials 
  5. Devise a ‘troll’ mechanism

NB: This article and interview was written by Prince Akpah in 2017


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