From Likes to Cash: The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Social Media Presence – Kelly Mensa

In our final article of making money on social media, we are engaging the CEO of EOD Partners, Kelly Mensa to share with us the top experiences he has acquired from making money through social media. For him to be trusted by both small and big brands, he has been very principled in churning results that have protected his dignity in selling other people’s products and services to the world

As there are a lot of experiences, the five points he shares below confirms what he has made out of social media.

  1. Create an online brand

Managing an online brand is very expensive and time consuming, but owning one has made me a social media expert. In building my online brand, I have come to be associated with celebrities, because of the audience I have also build. In building such a massive online brand, I would refer you to observe the ethics I shared in my previous interview. Aside having an online brand, you should be identified with something that people can throng to your inbox to enquire more about.

  1. Stay active online 

Staying online always, have made me an active person in getting information and sharing with my audience. To make money, you must make your online community your constituency. Practically, where you live and make money. 

  1. Sell yourself as a commercial brand online

In business, you must represent as a businessman, so in the social media community, I have always being represented as a social media entrepreneur. To become a viable commercial brand, I had to create my platform to become an avenue where I can exchange my audience for money. This experience has also made me to commit to building my personal brand always. 

  1. Use websites/blogs to archive your materials 

I have also learnt the importance of using blogs and websites to archive works that my team and I have worked on. So aside having them undeleted on our pages, we engage bloggers and journalists to share articles on our works or quote our posts in their articles. This method has also sold our brand, to potential clients who are now our most excited clients.

  1. Devise a ‘troll’ mechanism

To be noted on social media, you must always find creative ways to engage your audience. It is either, you are doing it for fun or using it to promote a campaign for product. Most of my trolls have ended up being trends and have greatly impacted the works we have being doing at EOD partners


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