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Afi Antonio

Afi Antonio

Modelling has become an increasingly popular career choice in many parts of the world, including Ghana. However, while many people are passionate about the opportunities it presents, not everyone is aware of the potential for making money in the industry. In this article, we will explore the Ghanaian modelling industry and the various business opportunities available.

To gain insights into the industry, we spoke with Afi Antonio, CEO of Sparklez Agency, an editorial, photo, and promotional model who also runs various social impact projects in the country. According to Afi, the modelling industry in Ghana is relatively young and still evolving. However, there are already numerous opportunities available for models and businesses alike.

For aspiring models, Afi emphasized the importance of investing in one’s personal brand and developing a unique look and style. This involves building a strong social media presence and networking with industry professionals. In addition, models should focus on developing their skills and expertise, such as in photography, catwalk, and commercial modelling.

On the other hand, for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enter the modelling industry, Afi highlighted the potential for event planning, marketing, and talent management. By organizing fashion shows and other events, businesses can provide a platform for models to showcase their skills while also generating revenue through ticket sales and sponsorships.

Moreover, with the rise of e-commerce and social media marketing, there are opportunities for businesses to collaborate with models and influencers for promotional campaigns. By leveraging the influence and reach of these individuals, businesses can increase their brand awareness and drive sales.

In conclusion, while the modelling industry in Ghana is still developing, there are numerous career and business opportunities available for those willing to invest in their skills and personal brand. By understanding the market and leveraging the power of social media and event planning, models and businesses alike can thrive in this dynamic and exciting industry.

Prince Akpah:   Can you introduce us to modelling?

Afi Antonio:  Modeling, generally depends on what you want to focus on. There are various types, some of which include, Editorial, runway, commercial, etc…. To become a model, you need to go through training to identify your stronghold. As an editorial, photo and promotional model, I had to identify myself with strengths before starting work.

In my career journey, I booked photoshoot sessions and with the help of social media, I launched myself with the pictures I took. A photo model is always expected to have beautiful skin and height is not an issue as compared to a runway model. Photo models are used on billboards to sell or promote products or services and in magazines for the same purposes. In some rare cases, you can find a photo model who is also good in runway being used by some designers as runway models.

Prince Akpah:   What revenue streams are available in the profession?

Afi Antonio:  To make sure one earns enough from this profession, one needs to go out to search for opportunities. One needs to create a portfolio which features pictures, height, skin colour, weight, etc. This portfolio is usually shared with agencies that use models for ads, magazines etc. In this part of our world, being solely a model doesn’t really pay unless you are in a network. The good-paying modelling jobs come from billboard advertisements and TV commercials. If you are good at what you do, you will make enough earnings from ambassadorial deals as well. 

Prince Akpah:   How does one earn and keep a good reputation in modelling?

Afi Antonio:  To keep a good reputation is key in this career and business. A lot of good offers come with doing something before getting the opportunities. My advice to anyone, will be, to be principled, focused and be honest to make it in this kind of carrier. Sleeping with bosses for big deals from the beginning will be fun but won’t last for long. To last and be respected in this field means one needs to reject any kind of sexual favours. This is one of the main reasons why models are mostly not respected and make enough money here in Ghana.

Prince Akpah:   What’s involved in the business of modelling?

Afi Antonio: As I stated earlier, modelling here doesn’t really pay. But thankfully it is picking up. Most models in Ghana have other jobs thereby making modelling a part-time job. One can also be a runway coach, own an agency to train upcoming models and be an ambassador for brands.

To build a sustainable caterer in modelling, one needs to follow these steps.

  1. Obtain experience by working at a successful modelling agency so you can get a good feel of the daily operations of agencies.
  2. Select the type of agency you wish to run.
  3. Create a list of all expenditures necessary to get started.
  4. Write a formal business plan.
  5. Register the agency.
  6. Hire a photographer for in-house studio shoots and test shots of auditioning models.
  7. Find jobs and opportunities for your models.

NB: This article and interview was done by Prince Akpah in 2017


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