Adowarim Lugu-Zuri: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Coconut Business in Ghana

As the demand for coconuts in Ghana’s capital continues to rise, more and more entrepreneurs like Adowarim Lugu-Zuri are seeing the potential for profit in the coconut business. At just 23 years old, Adowarim has made a name for herself as the CEO of Wazuri Ghana Ltd, one of the biggest coconut distributors in Accra.

Adowarim’s success story began when she was a university student selling sachet water and fabric-made shirts. She recognized the opportunity in the high demand for coconuts and used her savings to purchase acres of coconut trees in Kasoa in the Central Region. Despite the challenges of balancing her studies with running a hectic business, Adowarim persevered and has now employed over 100 people in the chain of her coconut business.

In an interview with, Adowarim shared some insights into the journey of starting a coconut business in Ghana. One of the first steps is to identify a suitable location with the right soil and weather conditions for growing coconuts. It’s also important to have a reliable source of water and access to a market where you can sell your coconuts.

Once you have secured a location, Adowarim advises investing in the right equipment for harvesting, processing, and packaging the coconuts. This includes machetes, wheelbarrows, drying racks, and packaging materials. It’s also important to hire reliable staff who can help with the various aspects of the business, such as harvesting, processing, and marketing.

In addition to these practical considerations, Adowarim stresses the importance of having a clear business plan and financial management strategy. This includes setting realistic goals, monitoring expenses and revenue, and reinvesting profits into the business to fuel growth.

Overall, starting a coconut business in Ghana requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks. But as Adowarim’s success story shows, with the right approach and mindset, it’s possible to turn a passion for coconuts into a thriving and profitable business.


Below are excerpts of my conversation with Adowarim 

Prince Akpah: What myths have you disproved about starting a business early?

Adowarim: You don’t need money to start a business. Most people say you need an idea first forgetting that the idea needs a bit of development before you can start earning from it. You need money to do that development. Some ideas need money to push them others don’t. It always varies. 

Prince Akpah: How instrumental has mentorship been to your business?

Adowarim: Mentorship has been of great help to me because I get to learn more about what I am passionate about and avoid certain mistakes done by others. 

Prince Akpah: How do you keep your business competitive?

Adowarim: I always create competition for myself or my brand. This makes me develop new and efficient ways to run my business all the time.

Prince Akpah: Why should more women venture into entrepreneurship?

Adowarim: Women are better at sustaining things than men. Women venturing into entrepreneurship shows that they will be able to grow their industries or organizations well to accommodate more people then, we all can live better lives.

Prince Akpah: What do you think of Prince

Adowarim: I think it is a good initiative to help the transformation of Ghana and Africa. Kudos


NB: This interview and article was written in 2017 by Prince Akpah



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