Effective Methods for Earning Money on Social Media – Kelly Mensa

In continuing our series on the most appropriate ways to make money on social media, we would engage the CEO of EOD Partners, Kelly Mensa on what Etiquettes Social Media Users who are focused on making money ought to observe.

In making a business out of social media, you should be aware, clients will always be looking out for the most ethical person who can manage their online presence. To become successful at what you do, you must learn from these laid down principles that will make your work and output an example to others.

  1. Keep private stuff private

In pursuit of making from social media as a business, potential clients’ first glance at your social media history will confirm, if you are the right person or company to handle their online presence. Even though social media is meant for us to have fun, if you choose the business path of it, you must be willing to sacrifice some activities that are detailed and learn what to share with people. The more you expose your private stuff, the more your client or potential client can predict you will expose their private dealings also. 

It is also advisable to keep strong passwords on your accounts and devices to avoid other people hacking to post through your accounts.

  1. Avoid sexually explicit or violent content 

Every client deserves dignity towards their work, so in making social media a business, you must keep very strict rules on the posts you are tagged in and comments on. You must also bear in mind, everything posted online is traceable to a source. In as much as you need to be very interactive on social media, you shouldn’t be involved in promoting sexually explicit or violent content. These activities will dent your image and that of your company’s work.

  1. Use company pages for official purposes ONLY

There have been so many times, people have misused company pages to post private posts or comments. For you to be trusted by clients, you must make sure, no post is found on their pages which is not related to their works or activities unless permitted. You must also be careful when linking all pages on one platform, they must be done well, so you don’t share private content on them.

  1. Verify contents

In recent times, many people have been sued for posting comments on social media without verifying them. As a social account manager for a brand, you should always observe the ethic of verifying the source of posts and if possible crediting them. If you work in a large corporation, it is always advisable to confirm more details from the department you are supposed to post about, so you can have more knowledge to reply to comments and messages.

  1. Stay trendy at all times. Interactivity is a MUST

As social media enthusiasts, clients will definitely examine the level of your presence on social media before entrusting their works to you. Most of this can be calculated from the number of posts you make or the number of active accounts you manage. You should be on top of issues and should be able to engage people on your own personal posts before managing someone else’s.

NB: This article and interview was written by Prince Akpah in 2017


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